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Lumo Stage Acrylic Platform Riser 24In X 24In X 16In High Section

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XSA-2X2-16 Lumo Stage Acrylic Platform Riser 24In X 24In X 16In High Section

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ProX XSA-2X2-16 LUMO STAGE Acrylic Platform Riser 24In X 24In X 16In High Section


The ProX XSA-2X2-16 Acrylic Platform Riser is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a durable, dependable, and affordable riser. The riser has a surface area that is smooth enough to dance on, yet is sturdy and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the road. The acrylic surface areas are translucent white which allows the riser to be used with par or wash lighting for a stand-out performance and an appearance as unique as your lighting installation. 

Each piece will measure 2 foot by 2 foot by 16" tall.  The modular design allows for sizing to fit your specific needs.

XSA-2X2-16 comes with top acrylic platform and two side panels. (3 pieces of acrylic 1 top & 2 sides) and is shipped unassembled.

1x 2x2ft ACRYLIC TOP

Also available in 8" High format as XSA-2X2-8 or 24" High format as XSA-2X2-24


The ProX XSA-2X2-16 Lumo Stage can be connected in multiple units to form a stage, drum riser, DJ Stand, or elevated dance floor.  The units are attached to each other with provided interior clamps.  The underside is open (except for support structure) to provide easy wiring and installation of many different types of lighting.  

LED illuminated dance floors are very popular and a great way to make your party stand out, and be memorable. If you have an event, venue, lounge or nightclub then lighting up your special events, wedding or party is a fun and unique way to make you memorable in high fashion.

Our LED platforms are able to be lit up by wired or wireless, remote controlled LED lights. When illuminated it can look like a luminous disco Saturday Night Fever, or a brilliant all white. You can have programmed lighting patterns in it as well.  You are only limited by your imagination. 

Shipping Dimensions
25.00"L x 25.00"D x 5.50"H
Shipping Weight: 28.00 lbs


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