StageQ MK2 4' x 4' Heavy Duty Platform Series Adjustable 28"- 48" Height

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XSQ-4X4 MK2 StageQ MK2 4' x 4' Heavy Duty Platform Series Adjustable 28"- 48" Height

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ProX XSQ-4X4 MK2 StageQ™ 4' x 4' Heavy Duty Platform Series Adjustable 28"- 48" Height


The ProX XSQ-4X4 StageQ™ MK2 Heavy Duty Platform Series is a convenient transportable staging solution that built tough and designed for maximum durability and safety. Engineered to minimize your set up time and effort with industry-leading design, materials, and precision production process.  The XSQ-4X4 MK2 Platform is a single side, indoor and outdoor, weather-resistant, portable staging platform. The ProX XSQ-4X4 MK2 is designed to be fully compatible with StageQ™ MK2 supports from ProX.

Each stage platform includes four adjustable telescoping legs that adjust from 28" to 48" which are equipped with ball and socket adjustable leg base feet.  These legs make it possible to quickly and precisely adjust the stage height.  The non-slip textured laminated surface is built to hold up against the most demanding conditions.  They are built to last and carry the ProX One Year (365 days) Limited Warranty.

What's Included: 28" to 48" Telescoping Legs, 2x Stage Clamps and 1x Deck Security Clamp (XSQ-C05)
(Foldable Steps, Guard Rails, and Leg Clamps Not Included) 

Also available in 4ft x 8ft size as ProX XSQ-4X8 MK2

  • 4ft x 4ft modular section
  • Constructed with 7/8" (22 mm) thick exterior rated plywood deck has virtually zero voids
  • High strength, non-slip textured finish black laminate top surface for durability and moisture resistance
  • Engineered to support 1100 lbs per 4' x 4' area of uniformly distributed live load
  • A locking system provides a monolithic floor when platforms are locked together
  • The platform only needs support in four corners for quick setup
  • Proprietary aluminum side rail extrusion allows for guardrails, step units, closure panels, chair stops, and skirting clip attachment
  • Platforms are easily handled by only two people reducing labor costs
  • Aluminum side rails and components have an ultimate tensile strength of at least 20,000 psi
  • The aluminum support structure (legs) have an ultimate tensile strength of at least 28,000 psi
  • Ball and socket adjustable leg base feet
  • ProX One Year (365 days) Limited Warranty

To Fit

ProX StageQ™ MK2 Staging System

47.50"L x 47.00"W x 3.50"H
Weight: 68.00 lbs

Shipping Dimensions
49.00"L x 49.00"D x 5.00"H
Shipping Weight: 78.00 lbs


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